Wrought Iron Arts

Blacksmith, Welding, and Plasma Metal Art Classes

Children’s Blacksmith and Welding Classes

We don’t have an official age limit here at Wrought Iron Arts. I have taught students from 9 yrs. old to 83 yrs. old. For children and senior citizens or even students of any age with physical limitations I modify (lessen) the size of iron to be forged, welded, or plasma cut as well as giving them lighter hammers and tools to work with. It may take them a little longer to work the metal but by teaching the right techniques anyone can forge metal.

One item of note for all students under 18 yrs. old, another responsible adult must attend the class (for no extra charge) for liability reasons. We actually encourage all students to bring a friend or family member to spend the day watching their loved ones and taking pictures or videos if they would like. I also provide Comfortable chairs and bottled water for students and their guests.

If you the “responsible adult” would like to take the class with your son or daughter we offer a combination parent and child class price of just $99 more than the usual class price of $299 for a total of just $398

For more information and to reserve a class for your child email Rob at wroughtironarts@aol.com or call (727) 588-1315.


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