Wrought Iron Arts

Blacksmith, Welding, and Plasma Metal Art Classes

~Blacksmith and Metal Arts Classes~

Learn the age old techniques of a lost art. Work with the flames of the forge and hammer and anvil. Then use welding techniques to make your pieces come alive!


Beginners Blacksmith Class:  1 full day (about 6 hours) $299

Student learns the basics of forging and (makes and gets to keep) one of the following:

  • Wall sconces
  • Knife or Sword
  • Book ends
  • Fire Place Poker
  • Plant hanger
  • (Or something of your own design!)

The Beginners Class includes the following:

  • Drawing out: (Elongating the the hot iron in order to further shape it, the foundation of all Blacksmithing)
  • Tapering
  • Bending
  • Upsetting and Scarfing
  • Twisting
  • Using the Hardie and Bending fork
  • Punching holes through the molten iron
  • Cutting and grinding with angle grinders


Advanced Blacksmithing: 1 full day (about 6 hours) $299

Student learns the complex shaping techniques of blacksmithing and most importantly how to weld his or her creations together to form sculpture of unlimited size and shapes!

  • Animation  (forging iron into animal shapes)
  • The Basket motif  (That really cool Flame shaped twisting shape as seen on our Fox TV media page video)
  • Nature creation  (Making leaves, Tree branches, Grapes and vines etc..)
  • Flux cored arc welding
  • The ancient fire or forge welding: (welding iron without modern welding equipment)

Student makes and gets to keep one of the following:

  • Magazine rack
  • Dragon
  • Small end table
  • Sword
  • Hanging pot rack
  • Gargoyle
  • Coat rack
  • (Or something of your own design!)

* Student must complete the Beginners Class before enrolling in the Advanced Class


Classes are held 7 days a week at Wrought Iron Arts Studio: 707 First Ave. S.W. Largo, Florida 33770

(Just 20 minutes and 20 miles from Tampa International Airport)


For information and to reserve classes

Email  Rob at wroughtironarts@aol.com or call (727) 588-1315



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