Wrought Iron Arts

Blacksmith, Welding, and Plasma Metal Art Classes


Wrought Iron Arts is a Blacksmith and Welding Art School in Historic Downtown Largo Florida. The school’s mission is to create awareness on the lost art of blacksmithing by offering blacksmith and welding classes to students wanting to learn this wonderful art form as well as taking commissions for public and private works of wrought iron sculpture.

This two pronged approach not only enriches the lives of students and art sculpture buyers but also keeps alive this magnificent art form for future generations.

Robert Buck is the Metal Artist and Master Blacksmith who teaches all classes offered at Wrought Iron Arts and creates works of Direct Metal Sculpture by commission. Classes available are Beginners and Advanced Blacksmith Arts, Welding Arts and Plasma Arts and information on each class can be found at this web site. His works of sculpture are on public display in the Sculpture Garden on the property of the Wrought Iron Arts Blacksmith and Welding School as well as in private collections in the US and Canada. Rob studied art in college but didn’t consider it a serious profession until taking a blacksmith course himself back in the late 1990’s. Once he moved molten metal with his own hands aided only with a hammer, he was hooked. This became his life long passion.

All classes are personalized (1-6 student maximum) in size. The only time there are other students other than you is if you bring a friend or two (up to 5 more) to take the class with you utilizing our (2 student BOGO) special. So in other words you are never taking a class with people you don’t know competing for time with me during class.

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All classes are $299 each and offered 7 day a week year round. All materials and tools are provided. All you need are a sturdy pair of shoes or even sneakers, no open toe sandals or flip flops please. Classes start at 9:30 AM. You can bring a bag lunch as there will be a 30 min. break provided to either eat in the sculpture garden or there are several restaurants within walking distance as well. Classes are a full day of instruction and are generally about 6 hours long. We keep at it until you’ve mastered the material covered.

For more information or to reserve your class date or dates

Email Rob at wroughtironarts@aol.com or call (727) 588-1315


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