Wrought Iron Arts

Blacksmith, Welding, and Plasma Metal Art Classes

Artist Mentorship Program

Wrought Iron Arts offers the “Artist Mentorship Program” to students who have completed both the Beginners and the Advanced Blacksmith Classes and want to continue their education in the field of Direct Metal Sculpture.



Master Blacksmith Artist Robert Buck nurtures and develops the students artistic creativity in the field of Direct Metal Sculpture. Students get to work on their own large scale sculpture or a series of smaller sculptures. Students get guidance and collaboration from artist Robert Buck during the their project or projects from start to finish and get to keep the masterpiece/masterpieces they created.

The Program is $299 per day and continues until the student completes his or her project. All projects vary in size and complexity but most are 2 to 6 days long and held at Wrought Iron Arts Studio: 707 First Ave. S.W. Largo, Florida 33770. All tools and materials are supplied and just as with the other classes offered here at Wrought Iron Arts if you have a friend or loved one who would like to take the program with you, you can add them to your “joint project” for just $99 more per day.

For more information and course availability email Rob at wroughtironarts@aol.com

Inspirational quote of the year:

Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night.

Edgar Allen Poe
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