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Blacksmith, Welding, and Plasma Metal Art Classes


Reviews of Wrought Iron Arts:

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FRANK O (5 star) Advanced blacksmith ,plasma and welding  My 18 yr old son with some limited experience in blacksmithing …found Rob very friendly and informative . He said he is leaving with a lot of new insight and knowledge . He can’t wait to go home and try out some of the new techniques in his own forge…tks Rob….wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you!

RoadWriters (5 star) A Most Memorable Experience! We found Wrought Iron Arts online and thought it would make a great Anniversary gift for us. We really didn’t know what to expect with this blacksmithing class, but boy, were we pleasantly surprised! This was the experience of a lifetime for both of us!
Rob is a fantastic teacher, very patient and makes people like us, with no experience, feel at ease and confident.
By the end of the day we had not only learned the history of blacksmithing, but we became blacksmiths, working the iron in the hot forge, hammering it into shape on the anvil and we came home with our own handmade Samurai sword and a beautiful outdoor iron plant stand.
This class is worth every penny and MORE! Visited March 2017

Matthias O.(5 star) This awesome and interesting art of Blacksmithing taught by Robert is not only one of the coolest things I have ever done, but it really broadens your educational spectrum of what you can do with all kinds of metals. Definitely worth spending the day here and make your first piece of metal art.
He also teaches classes in welding and plasma cutting.

Jim Cavanaugh (5 star) My son, Nicholas, and I had a great experience learning the Blacksmith trade. Rob did a fantastic job teaching the class and it was a great opportunity to spend time with my son.
Paul Barna (5 star) My wife bought me a class for my birthday and was one of the greatest presents ever! I had been talking about taking classes for years and this was everything I wanted it to be. I was very interested in knife making so Rob was able to work the beginner class around making an actual knife. I got to leave with a rough shape and have since been able to shape it. I am working out a date to go back for the next class to work on some more advanced skills. I highly recommend to anyone interested in blacksmithing. Great time, Thanks Rob!
Rebecca Muller ( 5 star) We had an amazing experience at Wrought Iron Works! Rob is very well knowledged & has a ton of patience!! I would recommend it to anyone even mildly interested in the art of blacksmithing. I hope we are able to go back & take the advanced class!

Jerry Golson (5 star) I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how much I enjoyed the plasma Cutting class.  You answered a lot of my technical  and practical questions without me even having to ask them.  Your teaching background certainly does show.  Also, I wanted to let you know how much Donna likes the bunny we made.  She was really surprised and very happy to see that in a relatively short time I was able to produce something.  Now it will just be practice, practice, practice to become more confident and refine my skills.  Thanks again for a very informative and enjoyable day!

James Benner (5 star) My son and I drove down from Charleston Sc for the class and had a great time… enjoyed the projects.. learned a lot to get us on to more knife making
Kevin Sabourin (5 star) My son and I thoroughly enjoyed the beginning blacksmith class. Robert’s personal attention, easy manner and intimate shop was ideal for my 10 year old to be comfortable and get the most out of the experience. Robert made sure we each left with a piece crafted to our specs and went the extra Mike to ensure our satisfaction. My sons words: epic day dad…!
Polly Kraus (5 star)I throughly enjoyed Robert’s blacksmithing class and can’t wait to take the welding class in December. The S hook I made is holding one of my plants outside my kitchen window and the ornate poker/piece of art is proudly displayed in my entry way of our home. Robert really enjoys teaching this art form and it shows.
Richard Falco Jr. (5 star) Robert was awesome about teaching my sons the art of blacksmithing. They each left with an awesome sword they made and a new appreciation for how hard it is. He answered all of our questions and spent more time than we expected to make sure the boys were happy with their creation. We will be back for the welding class!!
Jaye Gandy (5 star) My son and I had an excellent experience with Rob. My son is 13 and developed an interest in blacksmithing. Rob, was an excellent instructor and my son had an incredible time. He is more motivated than ever about the skill. Thanks Rob, we will never forget this time.
Gary Hartman (5 star ) I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Rob. He’s just an all around nice guy on top of being very knowledgeable about welding. If your a beginner like me please don’t feel intimidated. You really will enjoy your time with Rob.
Ralph Krugler ( 5 star)  Went there hoping at best for just the basics in welding and left with way more than i was expecting. Rob is a great instructor – patient, knowledgable, funny and most of all not-pushy. He lets you try and when you need more help, he takes his time and makes sure you get the confidence and knowledge to do the task correctly. There’s no attitude or condescending, just a real good time.I drove up form South Florida as no one closer offered this class and i would do it again. It was worth every cent. I came away with much better appreciation for the craft. Don’t worry about the distance you may have to travel, it will be worth your efforts. If you’re on the fence about signing up… jump!
Jaye Gandy (5 star)  My son and I had an excellent experience with Rob. My son is 13 and developed an interest in blacksmithing. Rob, was an excellent instructor and my son had an incredible time. He is more motivated than ever about the skill. Thanks Rob, we will never forget this time.
Gary Hartman (5 star) I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Rob. He’s just an all around nice guy on top of being very knowledgeable about welding. If your a beginner like me please don’t feel intimidated. You really will enjoy your time with Rob.
Brian Fox ( 5 star)  Rob was a great instructor who spent the day teaching myself and my 3 adult sons how to make knives. He was very accommodating when I had to cancel at the last minute and worked with me to reschedule. We had a lot of fun and are looking forward to scheduling another class.
Kellie Covington Traylor Merchant (5 star)  Given as a gift to our son – 20th! and Dad went along-not sure who had more fun. Both had a great time! Ron is a fantastic instructor! Definitely highly recommend! Thank you Ron for a great experience!

ReeseAnd Brandy Stewart (5 star)  Through all of the years as a shady-tree mechanic I’ve lacked the knowledge of working with metal. For my birthday my wife treated me to a Welding Art class at Wrought Iron Art with Robert Buck. The education was so much more than I expected. If you have any desire to learn how to work with metals I highly recommend Robert’s training.

Johnna Weise ( 5 star)  Our family came to Largo from South Florida so my husband could take a beginning blacksmith class. He enjoyed the one on one training with Robert and forged his own sword. We enjoyed the garden and iron art on the property. An excellent weekend trip! My husband will return for the advanced blacksmith class in the future.
Robert Dollar (5 star) Its beyond difficult to encounter a worthwhile experience let alone purchase one.
So, my son and I were surprised and enthralled by the steady, unpretentious grace
of an Artisan Instructor like Sr. Buck. He filled our blank imaginations with possibilities
and led our project to conclusion with dedication that went beyond scripted time. The
flame and spark of glowing IRON infused the class with man’s centuries of history banging
away and shaping metal with purpose. Thanks Bob

Rick Thomas  (5 star)  A friend and I took the welding class. Well worth the cost and we will probably be taking the blacksmithing class soon. Great teacher.
Lola Elizabeth Esnes ( 5 star ) What a wonderful experience! Rob is an incredible instructor and my boyfriend and I both learned so much! The property is beautiful as well! Overall a great experience- I would recommend this to everyone!
Russ  Laggan( 5 star) Rob Buck is a great guy to work with. Fun and engaging and safe to work with! I was there to make a knife concept I had wanted to build. Left with a darn cool knife and a great education! Worth ever dollar spent!
Clayton Wight-(5star) We had a great experience at Wrought Iron Arts!
Rob is a great host and teacher.
Loved the history, loved the process and loved the finished products we got to go home with! Thanks so much, we will be back for the Advanced Course!
Greg Elle-(5star) 

Robert is a talented craftsman/instructor and a gracious host to students. From the time I arrived I felt at home and he continued to foster an open dialogue as he guided me through this lost art form. I had actually accumulated some vintage blacksmith tools as part of estate sales etc and Robert helped me identify some and how each one was used.

If you have been thinking of trying this skill, but were intimidated by it, Robert is your type of instructor. The course was at your own pace and very laid back. I had NEVER worked with metal and I had no issues with understanding Robert’s teachings.

Highly recommended!

Dina Zuccolillo-(5star) MOST EXCELLENT CLASS. My son and I have taken two of Robs classes. My son has made two swords and I made a lawn sculpture. Blacksmithing is so diverse. There is a project just waiting for anyone. At the end of each class we left with completed pieces of art. Our first class was 9 hours long because the sword my son choose was so time consuming. Never once did Rob make us feel like he wanted to “just get it done”. He is patient laid back and knowledgeable. He will gently guide you and if you need help he is gladly available. When my son started getting blisters from pounding Rob jumped in and helped pound. His shop is clean and well equipped I was so proud and had so much fun my head is filled with new projects. You need to try this wonderful art form. I not only learned a new craft but feel like I made a new friend.
Sean White-(5star) Had an amazing time making scimitars with my wife.
Alexa Rae Sulvetta-(5star) 

I took my husband to the introduction to blacksmithing for our second anniversary. We had a great time and bonded over the hard work of shaping metal!

Rob is a fantastic teacher, very down to earth, patient, and encouraging. He is also a nice and interesting guy to talk to, a bonus when you’re hanging out for several hours. I didn’t realize the physical demands required and he was quick to offer assistance if I wanted it. If I wanted to be stubborn and work on it myself, he was happy to do that too. My husband made a sword and I made an iron kitchen hook which both turned out great.

We would love to return for the level two class to learn welding and other skills!

Whitney Weltz– (5star) It was a wondeful experience!! My husband and I went for his birthday and had an amazing time!! We both made awesome swords and had fun learning a new craft!!

Alexandra Gottschall  (5 star) Had a great time at the beginners blacksmiths class on Saturday. We learned and laughed a lot. Robert constantly showed us little things while at the same time giving us enough freedom to try things out on our own.

Wally Pierce:  I spent the day with Rob learning basic blacksmithing techniques, and could not have enjoyed it more. Rob is an amazing instructor, a talented artist, and it is clear he loves teaching others the art of blacksmithing.
His studio is comfortable and inviting, and Rob’s demeanor will put you at ease as there’s no real mistakes, just happy little accidents we can undo or choose to embrace as part of our pieces.
Many thanks to Rob for the experience of a lifetime and helping me check-off one of my bucket list items.

Megan Basile  (5 star) I could not be happier with our experience at the beginner blacksmithing class. Robert was patient, accommodating and funny. I was able to pull off surprising my husband with his blacksmithing lesson and now my nine year old is jealous, so we’ll be back so that he and I can take the class together. Robert even gave us a great lunch recommendation which we ate in the sweet little courtyard in front of his shop. I can’t say enough about how pleased I am with the entire experience. Thank you, Robert!! We will be seeing you again!

Josh McMullen (5 star) Rob is an extremely talented artist and instructor. However, what makes the experience one of a kind is his one on one, personalized instruction as well as his thoughtful, entertaining and genuine character. He’s the type of man you want to learn from and hope you are lucky enough to also call him your friend. It is obvious he loves what he does, has a passion for teaching and truly wants the student to not only learn but have a good time. THANK YOU Rob for making our entire family (including our dog!) feel at home and apart of the ride. What a memorable experience! Highly recommended.

Hunter Zillmer (5 star) Rob goes above and beyond when it comes to teaching his classes. I took both his beginners and advanced classes and during both he tweaked the class to fit what I wanted to try. I appreciated how he keeps his classes small, allowing him to watch and help improve the student’s technique. I highly recommend getting in contact with Wrought Iron Arts if you are interesting in learning how to work some metal!

Susan Mulder (5 star) Rob is an absolute pleasure to work with. He teaches students many skills while also supporting their own creativity. I highly recommend this class to anyone who has been interested in learning how to work with metals with blacksmithing or welding.

Stu Oleson (5 star) Robert is amazing! A great teacher and artist! Thanks for a fantastic day in the smithy!

Henry Chao (5 star) I have always been interested in learning about blacksmithing, and found out about Wrought Iron Arts while searching online. I took both the beginners and advanced classes, and had an absolutely great time. Robert is an amazing teacher who was very patient and knowledgeable.

In the beginner’s class, he shows the basic techniques you would need to create simple pieces. In between working with the pieces on an anvil and letting it heat up in the forge, Robert would always give feedback on your technique and suggestions on how to improve. In the advanced class, he goes through more advanced techniques for more detailed work as well as welding pieces together. One aspect I really found impressive was his attention to safety; while you work with many tools throughout the class, Robert would always make sure that the work space was clean and clear for you to safely move around and do your work.

All in all, I had a great time and would highly recommend the classes to anyone who was interested in learning.

Richard Parker (5 star) had a great day learning about blacksmithing. Robert was a good teacher and was very patient. He took the time explaining each process and I left with two nice pieces that I will treasure. I look forward to planing another day in his advance class very soon. Thank you again Robert for a great day. Richard

Ann Whelan Parker (5 star) Not only did Richard have a great time learning about blacksmithing with Robert yesterday but my experience with purchasing this class for Richard’s Christmas gift was also great! Robert was very friendly and made the process very easy. I’ll be in touch for the next class he will be taking! Thanks Robert!

Jeff Dunn (5 star) and friends got back from Rob’s introductory class: “The Art of Blacksmithing”. What an amazing teacher Rob is of this ancient art and trade. We all were in awe of his knowledge and iron work abilities. We completely enjoyed ourselves and came home with our very own creations with his guidance and assistance. I highly reccomend his class to anyone interested in working with wrought iron. Thank you Rob from us four! We had a great experience! We shall see you in an advanced class! Jeff and M/A/R–Gainesville/Ocala Florida.

Jacqueline Mack (5 star) Such a great experience learning from Rob! So patient, and willing to explain the techniques of blacksmithing and welding. I am so glad that I found Wrought Iron Arts with his one on one teaching I learned so much!

Olivia Santiago (5 star) Rob is a very knowledgeable instructor with a great sense of humor. I appreciate the small classes and his interest in tailoring each class to the student’s learning style. The classes are structured and there is flexibility in designing that student’s desired item. We enjoyed very much and we will be recommending the classes to colleagues and family members. Thank you very much for a wonderful day and very enlightening experience.

Jennifer Westbrook Morris (5 star) My husband and I took Rob’s intro class and had a great time and made some cool stuff. Rob is a really patient teacher and let us take our time until we were satisfied with our work. We’re hooked and now on the lookout for our own anvil and are looking forward to taking Rob’s advance class. Definitely recommend Wrought Iron Arts!

Dawn Butterfield (5 star) Loved this class!!!! How fun and a great experience!

Ronald Kashden (5 star) Rob is great! He took 2 novices and taught them the basics working with wrought iron. Both my wife and I had a blast. Highly recommended!

Andrew Whitfill (5 star) It was a great surprise birthday from my girlfriend. We really enjoyed it and walked away with greater interest. Not to mention the handmade item we left with.

Sandra Garcia: Thank you very much for your time and patience teaching me this wonderful trade. I’m very happy to have had this opportunity and also to have the opportunity to meet you; I really enjoyed the class and your personality, I felt very comfortable under your guidance.

Sandra Garcia-Pardo
Sculptor Miami, Fl.
Leslie Rosenfeld: Thank you again for a great experience!  Jacob has been all smiles since we left, and is so proud of his Kukri knife and Gladius sword. I am sure we will see you again in the future!
Tom Mouw  (5 star)Had a great day today. I have always wanted to learn how to do this and had a great time and it makes me want to set up my own shop. If you want a great day, book you own class. Can’t wait to take my relatives when they come to visit.
Noah Pullen  (5 star) Had an outstanding time there. Great hospitality. My son and I learned volumes and can’t wait to return for another class.
Shawntee Heller-Smith ( 5 star) I decided to get my husband ( the man who has everything) a blacksmith class for his birthday. What a great decision! I asked Robert if he minded if I hung out and watched during the class and of coarse he said “sure” I could. My husband loved it and I loved watching. Robert is a great teacher and we both left there feeling like we had really learned something that we could now do at home ( with the proper equipment). This is something we will both remember forever and have told all our friends about it too! If you are even considering it, give it a try, you wont be disappointed!
Hi Rob,
I just wanted to say thank you for spending so much time with us on Sat. I didn’t realize it was so late when we left. Next time we will move much quicker. Valan is so proud of that sword. Turns out my husband has the tools Valan needs to finish it. We are both looking forward to our next class!
Thanks again, we had a great time,
Dina Zucco

*Reviews of Wrought Iron Arts can also be found on Wrought Iron Art’s facebook page.



  1. Wally

    I spent the day with Rob learning basic blacksmithing techniques, and could not have enjoyed it more. Rob is an amazing instructor, a talented artist, and it is clear he loves teaching others the art of blacksmithing.
    His studio is comfortable and inviting, and Rob’s demeanor will put you at ease as there’s no real mistakes, just happy little accidents we can undo or choose to embrace as part of our pieces.
    Many thanks to Rob for the experience of a lifetime and helping me check-off one of my bucket list items.

    • Robert Buck

      Thank you Wally! I really appreciate you taking the time to give a thoughtful review of your experience here at Wrought Iron Arts!

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