Wrought Iron Arts

Blacksmith, Welding, and Plasma Metal Art Classes

Welding Arts Class

Learn how to weld found metal objects into works of art!

Our Welding class here at Wrought Iron Arts gives you first hand training on the Flux Core welding process with an emphasis on an “artistic approach” toward welding.

The student learns the proper gun angle, direction of travel, electrode extension, travel speed, and proper welder settings associated with Flux Core Welding.

The Welding Arts Class teaches you to be creative with found metal objects that you can cut or grind to your desired dimensions without the use of forging. With the skills you learn from this class you are only limited by your imagination in what you can create. Once you can weld, you can join pieces together to make an unlimited number of sculptures, furniture, etc.. You can create coffee table art all the way up to massive free standing landscape art! The size and scope is limitless.

Students make and get to keep one of the following:

  • Knife of Sword
  • Abstract Wall Art
  • Animal figure
  • Wine bottle holder
  • candle holder
  • plant hanger

Or an item of their own design!


All classes are personalized one on one training from experienced  Metal Artist Robert Buck, with a 2 student maximum for students interested in taking the class with a friend or loved one.

Classes are ($299) per student 5-6 hours long  and a full day of instruction.

Classes are offered 7-days a week at Wrought Iron Arts Studio: 707 First Ave. S.W. Largo, Fl. 33770. (Just 20 minutes and 20 miles from Tampa International Airport)

For more information or to reserve classes email or call Rob at:     wroughtironarts@aol.com      (727) 588-1315



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